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October 2013
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bembacolora [userpic]

I just signed online and was surprised by the sad news that Eartha Kitt has died at 81. Eartha Kitt was born to be a star and in true star fashion she took her last bow on Christmas!!

I had the surreal opportunity to meet her about 7 years ago. She was this tiny, tiny woman with a huge head and even bigger sunglasses. She actually kind of looked like a glamorous ET. She was very down to business, not a smile during conversation, but as soon as I asked if I could get a picture taken with her, she flung off her gigantic sunglasses and purred...

"Of cooourrrrrrrrrse, darrrrling".

With that she flashed the biggest star smile I've ever seen and then right back to business as usual as soon as the camera flashed.

I wish I had a scanner to post that photo.

Rest in peace, Miss Kitt. You were quite something.


What a fantastic story! I, too, was saddened to hear of her death, even at the age of 81.

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That was actually when we met her too. She was touring in that production of Cinderella with Deborah aka Debbie Gibson. Debbie was very sweet. Eartha was a STAR and she knew it. Loved her attitude, loved her. She will be missed.

Remember when she was on that short lived sit-com with Christine Baransky? I loved it but it was canceled fast.

Eartha Kitt! Yes, she was quite the woman, and grin--I do love your description of her. Could hear her voice! I can't say I was a fan, yet am very aware of who she was.

I hadn't heard that she passed away. I'll have to go hunt down the news.

I just got a new printer and it has a scanner. So cool! I am amazed at the uses for it. I've had one at work for ages of course, but never thought I'd use one here. Pretty nifty.

Okay...I had to go watch some videos, and this one pretty much is just how I think of her when someone says "Eartha Kitt."


(updated to fix a typo--bad c!)

Edited at 2008-12-26 03:53 am (UTC)

Loved your description of her... She will certainly be missed.