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bembacolora [userpic]

Long Island Wal-Mart employee trampled to death by mob of Black Friday shoppers. What the hell is wrong with this world?


I am disgusted.

bembacolora [userpic]

It's been a tough year and sometimes it's hard to find things to actually be thankful for. There I said it! However, today I shall not allow the negative to creep in and bog shit down and I'm just gonna focus on those things that I should be thankful for. And, really, there are plenty. And I am. Hope and new beginnings, for one.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you all find plenty of things to be thankful for.

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Happy anniversary to my dear friends tinawiesen and her genius of a dessert making husband Bob.

And also happy 38th birthday to Bruce. I'm afraid that's all you're getting.

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My girl playing with Stevie Ray Vaughan's band. Her slide guitar playing makes my nipples twitch.

Twitch, I tell ya!

Excuse me while I have a cigarette.

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I turned on the television last night and was assaulted with the news that Studio 28 was closing. I say assaulted because the news was like a punch to the gut. Dramatic? Maybe. But this place was a huge part of my childhood.

When we first moved here from Chicago, we lived about a mile from the theater. It had two screens at the time and we called it them the Big Studio and the Little Studio. It was to this theater that I would walk to escape. I would save my allowance. I would buy a ticket to a G film and sneak into the R film. The Loeks also owned the Beltline Drive-In next door to Studio 28. I remember begging my dad to take me to see Poseidon Adventure at the Studio for a long time. He finally did when it moved over to the drive-in. Other than a double feature of Dillinger and Boxcar Bertha, I would never go to the movies with my dad again. I don't come from a family of theater-goers and to this day they don't understand my love for it. As I got older, I would go to the Drive-In on dates, and well, you know about drive-ins and dates.

It was shocking when they closed and tore down the drive-in to make room for turning the Studio into what was then the biggest movie megaplex in the nation. In. the. nation.!

My High School was behind the Studio 28 so often after school my friends and I would walk on over and hit a flick.

Robin Hood (the Disney animated one)
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Annie Hall
Star Wars
Herbie Rides Again
For Pete's Sake
Earthquake (In fuckin' SENSURROUND!)
Secrets and Lies
The Other Side of Midnight
...so many more.

So many movies, so many first dates, so many memories in that place.

Next week it will close.

Oh, the sadness.


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I just got done listening to Grace Jones' new album "Hurricane".


Just WHOA!

Admittedly, I went into it with somewhat low expectations because her last album nineteen years ago left me rather cold. At the age of 60 Ms. Grace has released an album that is not only brilliant but career defining. Just as good as Warm Leatherette and Nightclubbing. Sly and Robbie are back in the fold (thankfully) and Brian Eno contributes. Bjork would be jealous of the ending track "Devil In My Life".

Sadly, it is only available in Europe at the moment because the American musical situation is ridiculous. With Hurricane Grace Jones proves that she is just that, a force of nature, and just one snarl from her can send these young tarts ruling the airwaves running for cover.

Here's a taste...

bembacolora [userpic]

bonnie smooch

1979, two weeks out of high school, I began working at a record store. One day a coupla weeks later my manager asked me to check in the new release shipment. I've always been a fan of female vocalists so as I was checking in the shipment, I was struck by this face that stared at me from an album called "The Glow". I lifted that album toward my manager and said, "Hey, Marci, what's she like?"

"Oh, the new Bonnie Raitt! Open it and play it!"

There began my love affair with with my beloved Bonnie. By the end of the week I had purchased everything she had recorded until that point.

I had no idea that three years later I would meet her and that, for whatever reason, she would take a shine to me and we would become friends.

Life is funny. To this day, she is one of the people I admire most in this world. Not only as an artist but as a human being with an amazing sense of love and justice. Am I gushing? Hell yeah. She deserves it.

Happy birthday, my dear Bonnie. I love you so.

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Yes, we DID DID!

rip june pointer.

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I just opened up my box of this weeks new releases.

For the next couple of hours I shall be celebrating election day with the new album by one of my own personal American heroes, the great MAVIS STAPLES aptly entitled Live: HOPE at the Hideout.

I'll just let Mavis tell ya...


bembacolora [userpic]

I voted today. The whole process took maybe fifteen minutes in my ward 2 precinct 4.

I am a political refugee from a communist country. For that reason, most of my family has always leaned way, way to the right. By proxy, so did I. Albeit, more socially liberal than they. Before anyone starts giving me any shit about this, know that I don't give a fuck. My life and my experiences are mine and no one elses and my disdain for the way that the left handled certain aspects of foreign policy that matter to me continue to be a part of who I am.

I take my duty as a naturalized citizen of the United States of America very seriously.

Because of my history, I am in NO way socialist.

No way, no how.

Today I voted for Barack Obama.

Today for the second national election in a row I voted a straight Democratic ticket.

George W. Bush, YOU are responsible for the downfall of your party. You end your second term leaving your party and your country in shreds.

Today I pray for the future of my beloved adopted land.

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