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October 2013
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bembacolora [userpic]

Casey does a hysterical tongue firmly in cheek cover of Lady GaGa. And you can have it. For free. At this link:


Copy and paste cuz I don't know how to do all that fancy shit.


I listened to it like 5 times in a row yesterday, no lie. I like it when he goes all Jerry Lee Lewis on it haha.

haha the first time I read this I read "Jerry Lewis" and I was like "Great...I finally do a song where I have to rap and people think I sound like Jerry Lewis! HEY LADY!" Glad you enjoyed it, Fri! I had fun with it.

I know. It's hysterically funny if you know Casey's work yet incredibly good if you're not familiar with his work. At any rate, I wanna virus this shit out! Help spread it, Miss Frida.

PS. I hope the seas are a little calmer for you recently.

Thank you! I'm doing alright I think, went to a convention last night and have a couple probable contract gigs lined up, whew!!